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Managing educational resources that span multiple subjects, grade levels, and states not only adds time and complexity, but requires specialized knowledge and skills. Our education experts are committed to delivering the solutions and services you need to achieve the best outcome.


Academic Benchmarks Services Help You

Add Expertise

Rely on our team to provide specialized expertise and industry best practices.

Scale Capacity

Add bandwidth to your team as needed to meet project timelines and relieve bottlenecks.

Gain Insight

 Identify strategies to strengthen your product and maximize user adoption.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Academic Benchmarks offers a complete line of services—built upon our data and technology
—that allow you to focus on your core competencies.

  • Resource Alignment
  • Content Gap and Coverage Analysis
  • Third-party Alignment Verification
  • Taxonomy Development
  • Hosted Reports
  • Custom Programming

Industry Advising

Academic Benchmarks Services is more than outsourcing, it’s adding a team of industry experts who provide
key guidance in navigating industry changes and identifying opportunities to grow your product. We help companies:

  • Navigate changes in state requirements and plan expansion strategies
  • Maximize taxonomies and metadata to maximize information discoverability


Learn how to maximize the value of Academic Benchmarks standards and alignment tools.
Our trainers, who regularly use the tools, provide best practices and guidance to develop effective workflows.

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